Terms & Conditions

1. ORDER PROCESSING: Orders will be processed only after payment has been confirmed. 



        (a) ESTIMATED TIME OF DELIVERY: We cannot guarantee that orders will arrive on an exact time, especially on special occasions such as Mothers’ Day and Valentine’s Day. During these occasions, only those who place their order a week ahead will be prioritized and served first.

        (b) PROVINCIAL DELIVERY: Deliveries outside Metro Manila areas shall arrive within 2 working days after payment has been confirmed.

     B. DELIVERY DETAILS: Accurate delivery details such as complete name, address with landmarks and telephone numbers must be provided. Include the nearest city when the destination is a small town. If the delivery person is already in the vicinity but the address is incomplete or incorrect, we will notify the customer (the sender) through call or email. Failure to reply within 30 minutes means the item will be returned to our office and we will notify you again so that we can schedule a redelivery.


        (a) RECIPIENT’S AVAILABILITY: Make sure that your recipient is available to receive your order. For instances such as when the recipient address is a company or office address, please make sure that the recipient is present to receive the order because most companies do not allow leaving of any delivered products to their receptionist or security personnel.

If the recipient is absent from the given address, we will leave the items to the housemate/s currently present. If there is no authorized person to receive the item/s, the customer (the sender) will be notified through call or email. Your order status will remain pending until you reply to one of our messages. Failure to reply within 30 minutes means the item will be returned to our office and we will notify you again so that we can schedule a redelivery.

        (b) FAILURE TO COOPERATE: If the recipient refuses to receive the item/s, the order status will be considered completed and the sender will be notified.

     D. RE-DELIVERY: Please be reminded that you must pay again for the shipping/delivery fee before we re-deliver your order/s on the same or different location. We can deliver the same actual item/s again on a different day, but we cannot guarantee that it will be as fresh as they were on the first delivery. If you wish to change the item/s to new and fresher ones, you must pay again for the order.

     E. CANCELLATION DUE TO LOCATION: Citiflora reserves the right to cancel orders due to unsafe areas, especially at night. In turn, the customer will be notified to change the time of the delivery or the recipient’s address.

     F. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: Please see section 5-B.

3. CUSTOMER COMPLAINT: Please be reminded that complaints will be entertained within 24 hours only.

4. CANCELLATION OF ORDER: Strictly no cancellation of orders if the items have been already served.


     A. DEPENDING ON THE SUPPLY: Weather conditions and regional areas affect flower supply; therefore, some types of flowers or colors in an arrangement may not always be readily available. Aside from flowers, other specific items such as certain types of a teddy bear may be unavailable. A certain item in a gift basket may not be available too, so substitution may be necessary. Please see section 5-C for more details on substitution.

    B. DEPENDING ON THE LOCATION: Cakes and wines are available for delivery in Metro Manila areas only. Balloons, cakes and other edibles, tulips, and sunflowers cannot be delivered to provincial areas. Since some items on our website are only available for Metro Manila areas, substitution may be necessary. However, you can still contact us so we can make considerations. Please see section 5-C for more details on substitution.

     C. SUBSTITUTIONS: If the customer has already purchased an unavailable item, the customer will be notified for a substitution of the item/s with the same value. Should you like to substitute it with an item of greater value, an additional payment will be made.

6. DESIGN: Floral designs may differ from the desired item depending on the type of wrapping material and container that is available. Served items may not always look exactly identical to the ones that can be found on our website.

7. FLORAL LIFESPAN: Our flowers only last 1 to 5 days depending on the weather and room temperature.

8. BOXED DELIVERY: Bouquet design and size might not appear identical to the desired item as it might be changed and adjusted to fit inside the box.

9. COLOR CHOICE: It is highly advisable for customers to have a second choice for the color of flowers. 


Please expect price increase during Valentine's month, due to high demand and limited supply of flowers cause by cold weather. Valentines day prices will start from Feb.1 to Feb.15. Make sure to choose from our VALENTINE CATEGORY when shopping online if delivery is between Feb.1 to 15 to avoid cancellation of order.

For outside Metro Manila delivery, it is strictly advisable to call or email us first before placing an order in order for us to check if the recipient's address is deliverable. If the customer fails to contact us before placing an order and the address is not covered by our delivery service, the customer will only get a 70% refund from the total amount paid.


Orders placed on May 10 will be delivered on May 11.